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EV400 & EV500 DNA Squencing

  400 or 500 x 200 x 0.38mm gel
  32 and 44 teeth combs
  Read to 450 bases
  1.5 hours running time
  Clip on aluminium plate for even heat distribution
Proven over 15 years

EV400 acrylamide gel unit (20 x40cm) and the EV500 unit (20 x 50cm) for reading of greater than 250 bases. Each unit come complete with one notched and one plain backing glass plate, one set of spacers, six fold back clips for simple rapid assembly and an aluminium cooling plate for even heat distribution. Also available is an optional 28 port "sharks teeth" comb for sharper more uniform bands.

User replaceable platinum electrodes are fitted as standard. Power to the unit is supplied through 2mm high voltage fully shrouded connectors and is disconnected when the safety cover is raised. An additional tray is built into the base for containment of any accidental spills.