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EF100 Rapid PAGE Fan Cooled Protein Gel Unit

  Fan cooled for faster runs
  0.1mg with conventional Coomassie Blue staining
  10 x 1 10cm gel format
  Gradient gels for even sharper bands
  30 minute run time
  Results within an hour

Fan cooling enables the unit to be run at higher current ratings (35 mA) and thus to be run a full 10cm in 30 minutes. The 0.5mm thick gels can be stained and destained for results within the hour Using the EF100 gradient pouring accessory (EF100GP), it is possible to prepare gels in blocks of 10 which are then stored at 4oC as a stock for immediate use as required. With the EF100 it is possible to routinely use gradient gels which give enhanced sharpness of bands. Use the 20 port combs for publication quality general analysis and the 10 port combs for subsequent blotting and Western analysis. Finally, gels can be dried with the EF100DF drying frame to provide a permanent transparent record which can be projected, photographed or densitometered.

Optional accessories for the EF100 Unit

  EF10OGM Gradient Gel Mixer
  EF1OOGP Gradient Mould
  EF10ODF Drying Frame

Gels are mixed using the gradient mixer, (EF100GM) then poured into the gradient mould (EF100GP). The gels produced give sharper definition over a wider range of molecular weights. Finally the gels are dried between a cellophane membrane in the drying frame (EF100DF) Permanent records can be prepared by simply pasting the results into note books, photographed at a later date if required, processed on a densitometer, or used directly on an overhead projector, for informal presentations.